A Volere-based collaborative requirements development tool that listens to personas.

This is an experimental app and is currently in public beta. Tread slowly and carefully. Feel free to contact us for more details, support or to set up a live demo:

Based on Volere

The Volere process provides a well-defined structure and guides as to which requirements content is appropriate for you. Volere is applicable to modelling techniques such as UML, business process, data and state models. The process is based on experience from worldwide business analysis projects, and is continually improved with input from our users -

Practitioner Oriented

"[Sentire] addresses the two areas my job as a Solution Architect combines – requirements and usability. It also proposed a way of considering the needs of users in projects where the user base is so broad it would be difficult and too expensive to run proper user testing during early product development" -

Visualise your Projects

Watch your projects take shape with visual representations of entities, stakeholders, requirements, use cases and their inter-relationships in 2-dimensional network-views. This also allows for an easy assessment of the impact one entity may have on other project entities, ideal for regression testing and requirements reviews.

Artefacts Cabinet

A project-specific central repository for multimedia files and various other document types needed to support the requirements development process. Keep and manage process support documents, quick sketches, meeting recordings, minutes and photographs - in one central project repository.

User Feedback Simulations

Extending Volere's Quality Gateway, Sentire provides practitioners with simulated user feedback to determine the impact that specific use cases have on different groups of end-users. Re-usable prediction models are created via a calibration process, which are in turn associated with project-specific personas to power up Sentire's simulation engine.

Persona Marketplace

A market place for ready-to-use and contextually-appropriate user group models that may be adopted within your own project(s) and project-specific personas. An on-demand user group calibration service is also available. This feature is currently in closed beta - for an invite please drop us a line at clearly indicating your goals and requirements.

Explanatory Video

Selected Publications

Poster presented at the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) Symposium, London, 2013 [Voted best poster by an independent judging panel based on content, innovation and presentation]

Building a National E-Service using Sentire experience report on the use of sentire a volere-based requirements framework driven by calibrated personas and simulated user feedback.

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About Sentire

Sentire was developed by Chris Porter and is a spin-off of his research on ways to improve and humanise the requirements development and system design process for public facing and enrolment based e-government services.

This research was conducted between 2009 and 2014 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science at University College London.